You can support what’s important to you

How you can help

The Sanaburi Foundation offers highly flexible, innovative and personalized service tailored to each individual, nonprofit and corporation’s charitable interests. You can establish a fund at the Sanaburi Foundation by contributing a variety of assets and may also ask that grants be distributed in the name of your fund or anonymously. Our professional staff has extensive expertise in community issues and needs and can assist you in determining the best place for your donations to be granted including qualified non-profit organizations, small and medium enterprises, or social entrepreneurs who work for people in the Tohoku region who were affected by the disaster.

Donating to the Sanaburi Foundation is like making an investment in community work. You can improve the lives of the affected and boost our region’s vitality for years to come in these ways:

  • Select one of our existing funds to meet your charitable goals and contribute any amount.
  • Create your own charitable fund at the Sanaburi Foundation. The process is simple, and our staff will help design a grant program based on your request.
  • Support our capacity as a community foundation. To strengthen our function as an intermediary to rebuild the Tohoku area more efficiently and effectively.


If you are interested in setting up your own fund, please contact us:

Phone: +81-22-748-7283
Fax: +81-22-748-7284
E-mail: admin[at]